At CrossfitOP, we aren’t just a workout facility where you come for the best hour of your day…we are also a fun, strong community full of friendships!  We foster this environment by hosting multiple different events for our members to get together outside of the gym and for others to experience our awesome community as well!  Sometimes it’s bringing our fitness outside and other times it’s getting out of our gym clothes and enjoying dinner at a local spot.  Every member is invited to these events and they are usually open to non-members as well.  Ask a coach for additional detials about these events, you won’t want to miss out them!

When the weather is nice, we like to take our fitness outside! Join us on Thursday, April 19th at 6:30pm for our first OP Fitness Pop UP of 2018!

We will meet at Riverview Farm Park and participate in a fun group workout together that is scaleable to any fitness level!  It is free to anyone and every one is welcome, so bring a friend!

Our first Beach Workout of the Summer is happening on May 12th at Buckroe Beach in Hampton.  We will start at 9:30am and the workout will last until about 10:30am then stick around to enjoy some more activities and take a dip, it’s likely you will get a bit sandy!

This workout will be scaleable to any fitness level and is free for anyone and every one, so bring a friend!

Our 18.II Fitness Pop Up will be hosted at Tradition Brewing Company!  The workout will kick off at 6:30pm and will include various movements that ANY ONE can do!  Bring your friends and stick around after the workout to enjoy some TBC Brews and meet some new people in and out of the OP Community!