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You can’t out-exercise a bad diet.


Crossfit gives you the accountability to work out hard every day, but who is keeping you accountable outside the gym when it comes to making healthy and sustainable food and lifestyle choices?

Our Nutrition program (like our CrossFit and Personal Training Programs) combines behavioral change with achievement to create habits that will last a LIFETIME. No shakes, no short-term.

Your fitness success relies on your nutrition habits!

For anyone, nutrition is the most important aspect of your lifestyle yet is also the most overlooked.  Whether trying to live a healthy life, change your body composition, or improve performance in CrossFit or any other sport, the way that you eat will dictate your progress! Let us help bring you the success you deserve through our Nutrition Coaching program.  It is designed to provide individuals with a straightforward, science-based approach to nutrition and wellness using simple behavior modification strategies to create lasting, positive change without the stress of “dieting.”

If you would like help achieving your health and fitness goals, we would love to help! Contact us to sign up for a Nutrition Consultation! 

Start With One Habit…

If you spend 1 hour in the gym working towards your goals – how do you spend the other 23 hours in the day to achieve that goal? 

There is so much overwhelming information out there regarding the best “diet” for “fastest results” but after bouncing between all the different fads, you may feel defeated and think progress is impossible!  Our in-house Nutrition Coach, Dani, has seen this case a hundred times and can help you overcome your plateaus one habit at a time.  This approach makes your health journey more sustainable, helps you see real progress, and helps you maintain that progress for a lifetime!

With one NEW healthy habit, you will find it becomes easier and easier to make the positive changes you know you are capable of.  These small changes result in big results!  The most common feedback of our Nutrition clients, whether doing individual coaching or our Nutrition Challenge programs, is that they have significantly more energy!  You may not even realize the energy-slump you’ve gotten yourself into until you feel the improvements of a better diet! 

“Thanks for this challenge…it has been the easiest plan I have ever stuck too.  Never had 10lbs melt off me in a month before and I actually FEEL a difference in my energy!” 

— 6 week Nutrition Challenge participant



To get your nutrition questions answered, schedule a meeting with us for professional guidance on how to reach your goals!  This can also be the first step towards starting a personalized program where you can be assessed on your current habits and goals and understand how to implement the best program for you.  During this meeting, we will also gather the necessary information to help develop your perfect plan and gather baseline measurements including body-fat percentage and body-circumference measurements.


If you are just beginning your health, fitness and/or nutrition journey, We will guide you in improving your lifestyle and eating habits with easily adoptable steps that will help you attain your goals for overall wellness, weight-loss/muscle-mass gain/body re-composition, and improved performance.

If you feel your nutrition habits are already healthy but you’d like to break through a plateau or dial it in further to maximize your performance, you will receive your calculated, individualized macronutrient goals to take your eating habits and performance in life & sport to the next level.

No matter where you are starting, you will receive a comprehensive starter guide of meal suggestions, meal-prep ideas and shopping lists.  Through an advanced questionnaire, your short-term and long-term goals will be mapped out as well as other important details about your current habits, training, and lifestyle so that coaching can be catered exactly to your needs.  


Implement a 6-Week Healthy Body Challenge at your workplace to motivate and support your company towards a healthier lifestyle. 

Improving health factors within the workplace can result in huge increase in productivity and employee mood and attitude! 

Members will receive baseline measurements, include InBody Body Composition Scans, circumference measurements, and a personalized seminar about making healthy changes within the workplace. We will then be directly involved in educating challenge members about nutrition, exercise, and healthy habits and help them create lasting lifestyle changes that will carry over into their daily performance at work!

Challenges can be customized to your company to promise the greatest amount of success for your employees!

Contact us for more information about starting a Healthy Body Corporate Nutrition Challenge!



If you would like help achieving your health and fitness goals, we would love to help!