OP30 Bootcamp

What is OP30 Bootcamp?

30 Minute Class

High Intensity Interval Training

Conditioning & Endurance Work

Bodyweight Exercises Only

No Crossfit-Experience Required

Great for ANY Fitness Level, especially Beginners!


Who is OP30 Bootcamp For?

This class is great for any level of fitness!

We don’t use any barbells and focus only on Bodyweight Exercises

Since this class is 30 minutes, it’s great for YOU if:

         You’re just beginning an exercise routine

         You’re looking to add some high-intensity                     intervals to your current routine

         You have a busy schedule and need to use your           time efficiently!

         You want to mix up your current, boring routine            – every day is different at OP30!

         Your schedule doesn’t allow you to attend any             of our regular group classes

        Or if you want to add an extra session to your              day or week!


When is OP30 Bootcamp?

Classes are every Tuesday & Thursday


Unlimited Members can pair this class with the regular group class for an additional conditioning piece for the day!

Traffic has you running late to the 4:30pm class? Hop into the 5:00pm OP30 for some conditioning to still be out at 5:30pm!

Only have time for a quick escape from the office? 11:30am OP30 will get you worked out and still leave time for you to take a shower!

Sample OP30 Bootcamp Class

All workouts begin with a full body warm up that will prepare you for the workout!

Example 1: As Many Rounds As Possible in 12:00 of:

11 Burpees
22 Double/Single Unders
11 KB Swings
22 Jumping Jacks


Example 2: For Time:

Dumbbell Thrusters
Ring Rows

All workouts finish with a brief cool down to unwind and recover from the workout.

Notice a movement you are unfamiliar with or can’t do?? Don’t worry! Our coaches will lead you through the entire workout, teach you any new movements, and modify something according to any injuries or limitations!!

If you have more questions or want to check out our facility, click the button below.