Bridal Bootcamp! – Shed for the wed


Are you wanting to WOW everyone at your wedding?! Do you want to be in the best shape of your life for your big day?! Do you want to help your bridal party/friends/family feel ready for your big day?! WE CAN HELP!

So many people struggle to know what to do to prepare for their big day. We have a program built especially for you and your people. Our goal is to provide guidance, education, structure and results while offering a fun workout regimen! You’ll be amazed how invigorating and exciting these classes can be for you , your friends and your family! This program is offered to brides that may have never been into fitness or maybe you need something to ignite that fitness flame again! We want to this to be the beginning to a totally NEW LIFESTYLE!

We have a team of very experienced coaches that can help the busiest of people get back into the best shape of their life. We realize when preparing for a wedding you all have a long list of to do’s. We want the bride-to-be to rock that dress like she’s the princess to the BALL.


1) We would like to meet with those that are going to participate to talk through some Nutrition Goals and Steps. We will also have you step on the InBody composition scanner to get a baseline. We will also do measurements, along with setting specific short and longer term goals. Based on this discussion, we will build a plan that can bring you to the body you desire. There’s no miracle pill but there is a solution that works!

2) Over the next week or so, each person will have 3 one-on-one private training sessions. During these hour-long sessions, you will get familiar with CrossFit terms and movements, learn proper form and we’ll get to know each others goals. Getting to know each other will be important for the next part of the program.

3) Accountability Partner. Participants will receive motivational texts, tips, recipes, check-ins, feedback and reminders throughout the entire program.

4) After the Personal Training sessions are complete, you will have access to the unlimited CrossFit Classes where they will become part of the community, be coached by all 5 of our dynamic coaches and receive on going support from their accountability partner. During this time, you will participate in fun doable workouts for 6 weeks.

5) After the 6 weeks is completed, we will perform measurements and a second InBody composition scan. All participants will receive a special Shred for the Wed CrossFitOP tshirt!

When Should You Start?

“Shed for the Wed” will give you a life changing solution to staying fit and healthy for a long time to come! Find a team you can trust for your best day ever! Click on the tabs below to find out what you can realistically expect to accomplish within a given timeframe.

10-15 POUNDS
16-24 POUNDS
24-30 POUNDS