Dawn Bakazan shared her 1-year progress with us, read her words below:

“This week marks my 1 year anniversary of doing CrossFit. I started the Monday before Thanksgiving last year at my heaviest weight ever. I was physically weak and super scared/nervous to be jumping back in to CrossFit…

…In this past year I have lost 20 lbs and lots of inches but gained so much strength and most importantly confidence and a new mindset that I CAN do hard things….

…I am so incredibly grateful to all of my amazing coaches and fellow athletes at CrossFit Oyster Point for pushing me outside my comfort zone everyday and for believing in me even when I don’t believe in myself. I am more grateful than you will ever know.”

Sheila participated in our 2017 Fit For Summer 6-Week program.  She dedicated herself to 3 workouts each week and began tracking her food intake to help ensure she was fueling herself properly for her busy life!

Scott has been doing Private Training with Coach Dianne for over 6 months.  He has also dialed in his nutrition and found balance between enjoying the social aspect of life and prioritizing his health and wellness!

Left is a photo of Shawna on Day 1.  She stayed dedicated and consistent to weekly workouts and also jumped in on one of our 6-Week Nutrition Challenges hosted by Coach Dani.  Just 12-weeks into her time at OP, through workouts and the successful nutrition challenge, she lost over 10lbs!

One of our members of the Ladie’s New You 6-Week Workout Challenge!  She has grown to love lifting weights, showing up for each workout with her fun workout group, and fueling her body properly!

Eric participated in the Fit For Fall Nutrition Challenge in 2017. Our Nutrition Challenges don’t only focus on tackling weightloss, they can also help you build muscle to get stronger!  He saw about 7lbs of lean body mass gained while maintaining his body fat percentage.  He also saw lots of big PRs in the gym!

Another Ladie’s New You 6-Week Challenge before & after that proves you can kick-start your health and fitness journey in just 6-weeks!  Being consistent and dedicated to showing up and getting your workout in is all it takes!


If you would like help achieving your health and fitness goals, we would love to help!